Do I do Natural?

Natural services are illegal under New Zealand Law, and I do not provide any Illegal services. This means that all my bookings are protected with condoms, and Dental dams, for my protection and yours.

Can I negotiate Prices?

I have thought long and hard about my prices, and they refelct the effort, work I put in, and ensure I am covering all costs, so my prices are non-negotiable. Please respect sex workes prices.

Are you available now?

I am often working part time, which means that I am often only available on certain days. This schedule will be updated on NZG weekly. I prefer pre-bookings, and if you do pre-book, I am happy to make time for when you are wanting.

How do I ask for a booking?

I like to follow a simple template if you copy and paste this below, and fill in your detials, you will not go wrong: "Hi Veronica, my name is (Name), I am (age) and I want to book a (service) for (duration) on (date and time). Are you available?" This ensures an efficient and easy booking process for both of us, and allows me to feel confident that you are legitimate. Bookings that follow this template will get priotity over other bookings.

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